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Things are really humming now that summer’s waning in the remote northern hamlet of Sangudo, Alberta. We’ve had a very lucky August – few repairs, no hospitalizations, and plenty of work to do. We will be linking some of our partner producers and vendors/food service folks on this site soon, so you can find out where to go to indulge yourself in the finest meat products available on the entire planet.


Well, our online presence has trickled due to the immense amount of non-digital work we’ve been doing! And there has been a lot!

Our Sausage Kitchen Makeover is nearing completion. We’ve got all the equipment onsite or in a warehouse in Edmonton. We are just waiting on the tradespeople to complete the required installations. We will soon be able to produce our custom processed products like madmen. We will be working on some new recipes too…

The Animal Handling Cathedral is also being built, and it looks like Spruce Meadows back there! We haven’t got the Baby Mozart hooked up yet, but it’s coming together very quickly! Thanks, Neeralta Manufacturing, C-5 Construction, and AMAC Electrical Services Ltd.!!

An inspector asked us the other day when we thought we’d be completely done these two renovations. We told her, “Should be done by this Christmas.” That way, anything earlier will make it seem like we’re ahead of schedule. ;) _

Whew. What happened to the time, folks?

No matter. The Principals haven’t really been too badly hurt lately, that i can remember. We did have a helper cut her pinky knuckle open though, and it was sick.

We now have something like 8 semi-regular full timers, and up to 7 more part timers working at the Greatest Employer on Earth. Hunting season was crazy, but we’ve pulled through and we’re in full-on renovation mode. Ever watch Brewster’s Millions with Richard Prior? If you are using a computer, then probably not. But that story line is kind of like us two luddites spending our loot on upgrades, which all look surprisingly like laser-eyed cyborg robots when compared with our cast-iron 1930′s equipment that came ‘free with purchase’. Your sausage, and your hog, will be glad we did, once all the dust settles.

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Pork caul fat, meet meat. Meat, make gentle happiness with the goodness of caul fat as you melt into one another.

Get caul fat from small local meat processors who care. Say, like those people over at Sangudo Custom Meat Packers.

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50 lbs sundried tomato basil mozza smokies
40 lbs bacon cheddar cheeseburger smokies
40 lbs jalapeño cheddar plumpies
40 lbs trad ham rings of gold
25 lbs peppered bison jerky

Hey does anyone need some Peking duck?

Gate Meats Face at High Rate of Speed

“Pain Don’t Hurt”


Y’all: so the Caped Crusader and I tossed in an application for some government dollars that could help me get seriously hurt less. That is, your Provincial Government has a sweet l’il program wherein Meat Processors such as ourselves can get some matching money to enhance our Animal Welfare equipment.
That means:
- pens that can’t slam into my face as much,
- a crowding tub that would allow animals to go in walking forward EVERY time rather than all 2000lbs willy nilly,
- segregated area for HUMAN BEINGS so as you’re never standing in the direct Kill Zone of a wildenated Beef,
- fewer weekly beatings for the operator(s) (as above, mentioned again for emphasis)
It’s a big deal. And when it’s done, I think we’re going to have a party to which you’ll totally be invited. Also we’ll invite Temple Grandin, but I don’t think she’ll show. I’m guessing there will be some slow-roasted beast. Let me know when works for you, okay? Oh, and BYOB – I like Sleeman’s.   ;)

Patrick Swayze, RoadHouse

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Listen, Dear Reader:
When we discover something at the Sangudo Meat Packers that involves Meaningful Human Experience and Near Sexual Food Enjoyment, we want you to know about it. We NEED you to know about it.

It all started with a confusing and somewhat alcohol-hazed conversation with someone loosely related to Britain and Pork. I’m not sure who or when all of this happened, but the point was that I was told the advanced civilizations in Europe were taking WHOLE freakin’ pork loins and then curing and smoking them. All this is done Bone In, my personal favourite condition for any of the meats, and then – BRACE YOURSELF – sliced into Pork Chops at the 1″ thickness mark.

You may not think that Smoked 1″ Pork Chops could enhance your Sexual Prowess. You’re probably right. But ooba dooba, who needs sex when you have what amounts to a 1″ thick slice of Back Bacon, with its own built in bone handle?! I wanted to marry it, not just eat it. We carmelized a half dozen or so up in a frying pan, and then ate them like giant cookies. Bacon Cookies, we called them, and yes, it was a food-induced dopamine high unlike anything you’ve had before.
What I’m saying is: Order some of these units and see for yourself. I can only imagine what might happen if a bloke were to scorch the outer surface of one of these things on a grill. Oh, and yeah, we made them from our uber-juicy pastured pork sides, which made it even more pork-tastic and flavorful. Also, we used a heavy dose of hickory in the smoker, but I’d like to try some of the other mild smokes, such as Oak, Maple, or Pecan. There’s also room to customize the cure, perhaps to include a healthy dose of BOOZE.
LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK, and we can whip up a whole loin or 10 for your freezer to prepare for some sexually charged BBQ parties over at Your house this summer.

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Despite the late snowstorm, mother nature is proceeding as usual with a beautiful reawakening here in Sangudo.  What a relief!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the air is fragrant with the smells of spring – which isn’t a particularly good smell, but we’ll take it over the -40 degrees of winter.  We’ve got one of our three sows pregnant and due to farrow in about 8 weeks, and our milk cow is coming along nicely with her calf, which is due in mid May.

All of the animals, particularly the chickens, are pleased with the longer days and patches of exposed earth appearing on the south-facing slopes.  Even though things at the shop have slowed down a bit, I’m so happy to have made it through the winter without too many serious accidents and also staving off bankruptcy.  Hurray for 2010 and cheers for 2011!!


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